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Healthy Piano Technique and Why it Matters

When my daughter was about 11 1/2 years old her ballet teacher was evaluating her for pointe shoes. She had been taking ballet since the age of 6 and had done extremely well under the guidance of her instructors. We learned the importance of proper evaluation for readiness before going en pointe. We learned about […]

What is Wrong with the ‘Ideal Client’ Mantra & What to Do Instead (Part 5)

My favorite college professor, Chris Sadler frequently said, “There is no one best way to do anything.” I quote him often in my own teaching and business coaching. It was his organizational communication classes which taught me systems theory, organizational development and so much more.  So as I wrap up this blog series about the […]

What is Wrong with the ‘Ideal Client’ Mantra & What to Do Instead (Part 4)

Problem #4: A Set-Up for Failure So you have an ‘ideal client’ and everything is going along beautifully. Suddenly, your client seems distant or apathetic. Payments are not as timely. The interest seems to have waned. Appointments are getting canceled more frequently. Messages are hit or miss. They are no longer behaving as your ideal […]

What is Wrong with the ‘Ideal Client’ Mantra & What to Do Instead (Part 2)

Problem #2: A Small, Shallow Pool The whole point of creating an ‘ideal client’ is to know that your services are not for everyone – to create a target audience for marketing and sales. But the ideal client strategy is often touted with no reference to and no understanding of real market research. So let’s […]

What is Wrong with the ‘Ideal Client’ Mantra & What to Do Instead

I know so many people (including business coaches) who have repeated the idea of “ideal client” because they heard or read about it or they were coached into believing that they had to attract and work with ‘ideal clients’ in order to succeed in their service-based business. Taking it a step further, some were coached […]

What I Learned in 2022…

I do my End of Year Reflections and New Year Projections and Goals in November and early December of every year. First, here is my process. I go through my calendar and list (by month) what I actually did during the year. Then I review that bullet list and reflect on: 1) What went well […]

How to Rise Above Entitlement Attitudes in Your Service-Based Business

Hi friends, I thought I would do a quick video recording, or a blog post about what I learned this summer. Many of you know that I work in a service industry, I take the summer off from my teaching studio, and I work in retail or food service or some other type of hospitality, […]

How It Started…How It’s Going

A lot of people see my studio space now and are a little taken aback by the two baby grands, picture window, and chandelier. It is a gorgeous space and I am so grateful for it! But I did not start out this way. So here’s my story…   I started teaching on a Baldwin […]