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Using the best tools in the industry I craft Custom Programs for you including:

  • 1:1 Coaching
  • Small Group Think Tanks
  • Workbooks
  • Templates
  • Customized Programs
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You have the flexibility to invest in individual coaching or tools ‘a la cart’ or you may bundle courses, coaching, or products.

You also get the best in coaching platforms where your information is secure, all in one place, organized and away from social platforms while still allowing you to access discussions, tracking tools, to do lists and so much more!

The Infinite Game Workbook

Simon Sinek’s bestselling book, ‘The Infinite Game’ has helped thousands of business leaders, employees, and entrepreneurs shift their perspective about the game of business. Those of us who have background and experience in business, organizational psychology, organizational development or organizational communication find familiar themes in this book. 

I like using this book as a ‘jumping off’ point for people who need to discover or re-discover why they do what they do in and with their business. Purchase the workbook today as an additional tool to help you reflect on important concepts and answer questions relevant to your business and your experience.

The Optimism Book Club

 I facilitate small groups through Simon Sinek’s, ‘The Infinite Game’ book. If you have a small group, team, or employees and you would like me to lead you through the book using both Simon Sinek’s materials (videos) and my own workbook of notes and questions, contact me to today to set up sessions for your group. Cost is $75 per person and gives you and your group members access to all Sinek materials, my own workbook with notes and questions, my coaching platform for discussion, assignments and recordings of all your group’s zoom sessions. Groups of 7 or more, contact me for pricing and session options.

These are current presentations I have ready and available for your music teacher group, local MTA, state MTA conference, collegiate level class, or other group of music entrepreneurs or music teachers.

Foundational business material

For those just starting out, or those wanting to take a fresh professional look at how to run a business, this presentation covers foundational material to help you get started in everything from business insurance and contracts to marketing and professional business practices. Links and resources for continued work on your own will help you make faster progress toward success in being a profitable business owner in the music business. This presentation last 60 minutes and is perfect for collegiate students, local MTA groups, state MTA conferences, and more. Contact me today for availability and booking.

Differentiated Instruction Presentation

 This 60 minute presentation offers a broad overview of Differentiated Instruction Strategies and how they can be applied in the Private Music Studio. For those who have never heard of Differentiated Instruction, this is the perfect introduction to the strategies (many of which are already in use in our studios), while also giving many practical ideas and activities you can use right away in your studio. This presentation also comes with free handouts and templates to use in your studio.


“Working with Melissa has been great! I worked with her to improve my ability to be a better independent teacher from a business and financial sense. She helped me with a number of ways to improve my business, including improving my website. I’ve been able to get a clarity about creating calls to action to make it easier for prospective students to find me. Melissa is candid with her suggestions, not telling you what you always want to hear, but definitely what you need to hear. That said, she is always encouraging! Her coaching includes a manageable number of actionable steps that you can take to make positive steps towards your goals.”

~ David Lane, Owner at David Lane Music, Teacher, Composer, Podcaster

“Thank you so much for devoting so much energy to piano teachers. I deeply value the empowering conversations we’ve had. You’ve helped me change my life. Without your encouragement I would still be dragging towards my goals. Through your support, you’ve given me the courage to start working to make my business goals real.”

~ James Kessler, Multi-instrumentalist, Music Teacher, Studio Owner

“Melissa is a compassionate, fearless leader who genuinely cares about everyone she encounters. She has the experience, expertise, and encouraging nature necessary to illuminate a path to success for those she serves. I most appreciate her willingness to say what needs to be heard, even if it’s not what one hoped to hear. She’s the best.”


~ Eric Branner, CEO/Co-Founder at Fons Inc., Guitarist & Teacher

“Melissa gave wonderful insight and business advice. I greatly valued our talk, which gave me the perspective I needed. Her professionalism and intelligence shine through!”


~ Melanie Riley, Soprano, Vocal Artist for Age of Fable

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Undergraduate Major in Organizational Communication (which includes business, management and human resources training as well as organizational assessments)

Experience leading and managing organizational assessments of businesses and organizations of up to 40 people.

Business Coaching Certification (in progress) through Fearless Entrepreneurs Business Coaching Academy, including 20 hours of courses and reviewed Practicums

Truthful and Encouraging Coaching which routinely 'Goes the Extra Mile' to help Clients

Access to a Premium Coaching Platform to house private materials, shared documents, discussion threads, task lists, habit tracking, zoom mtg recordings, and MUCH more

Experience working in and with For-Profit and Non-Profit companies and Solo Entrepreneurs, plus being a successful business owner myself

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