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What is Differentiated Instruction? What are Pathways?

Tune in to this conversation about how and why I started to use Differentiated Instruction Strategies in my studio. Amie Webster is an amazing colleague and we share many similar perspectives about adaptive learning.

What are Music Lesson Pathways?

Who is this for?

What Will I Learn?

"Melissa has a wealth of information packed into this course to help you think beyond the standard and explore other ways of teaching! I know it can be so hard to try and provide a well rounded musical education, and I appreciate how Melissa encourages ways of being well rounded yet focus on the student's ambitions!"
Sarah E
Piano Teacher, Texas
“Melissa is an amazing educator. She created a beautifully crafted system called lesson pathways that was so effective and exciting to learn about. I highly recommend Melissa as a teacher and educator.”
Kayla P.
Piano Composer, Performer, Teacher in Wisconsin
"Essential piano pedagogy for a contemporary context. The Music Lesson Pathways course has been a deeply enriching experience. Through the applications of the course content, I have learned about each of my student's goals, their unique insights, and honest self-reflections. I have been able to validate their feelings and forged productive relationships with parents. The piano pathways - along with tips and suggested resources - are rich and varied. And the best part is that we can still address the essential content and skills that we are currently teaching. This course is a must for anyone teaching piano in a contemporary context."
Felicity Breen
Piano Teacher, Australia

These are current presentations I have ready and available for your music teacher group, local MTA, state MTA conference, collegiate level class, or other group of music entrepreneurs or music teachers.

Foundational business material

For those just starting out, or those wanting to take a fresh professional look at how to run a business, this presentation covers foundational material to help you get started in everything from business insurance and contracts to marketing and professional business practices. Links and resources for continued work on your own will help you make faster progress toward success in being a profitable business owner in the music business. This presentation last 60 minutes and is perfect for collegiate students, local MTA groups, state MTA conferences, and more. Contact me today for availability and booking.

Differentiated Instruction Presentation

 This 60 minute presentation offers a broad overview of Differentiated Instruction Strategies and how they can be applied in the Private Music Studio. For those who have never heard of Differentiated Instruction, this is the perfect introduction to the strategies (many of which are already in use in our studios), while also giving many practical ideas and activities you can use right away in your studio. This presentation also comes with free handouts and templates to use in your studio.

Teachers looking for tools to help students or audiences understand how to give feedback around musical or artistic works will find this handout helpful. Click to download now!

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Differentiated Instruction Workshops

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