Music Gro: Growing Creatives

Piano Lessons


50-minute lessons give time to develop audiation, technique, play repertoire, learn new skills, move and play games, and make music together. During that lesson time I am completely focused on the person I am working with and giving 100% of my energy toward a positive, creative, and enriching experience for that student.

I am always looking for ways to praise, encourage, and inspire students in their musical journey. All students get a solid foundation in music and in playing the piano.

The more I get to know each student the more I am able to tailor the lesson planning and activities to help each student succeed.

I offer weekly lessons as well as Flex-Scheduling Packages for busy families who cannot commit to the same day or time every week.


Thirty years of experience teaching all ages while constantly working to improve my own teaching and playing gives me a wealth of tools and strategies to use. Focusing on student goals, keeping communication open, remaining flexible, and always looking for positive solutions to problems are the foundations of Differentiated Instruction, but more than that, those are also the hallmarks of building strong relationships with each student and his or her family. Because I focus on students and what they bring to their experience, I never simply put all students into one method series. Instead, I understand the strengths and advantages of each method available and match that to how it will help an individual student succeed. It also means that if you started with another teacher in a specific method and transfer to me, we can continue in that method as long as it is successful. 


Opportunities to perform in studio recitals, at local assisted living centers, compete in festivals, take group classes, participate in masterclasses, do studio challenges, take workshops or camps are just a few of the many opportunities students have in my studio. In-person and virtual opportunities are offered throughout the year and keep the learning fresh, fun, and diverse. Students get to choose what opportunities excite them and how they want to participate.

In the past, group classes (in-person) have been a highlight for students to partcipate in a few times a year. Special studio challenges and fun activities in October and February are also a highlight each year. 

Varied opportunities to learn, perform, and celebrate music together mean the learning is as broad as it is deep.

Role of Parents

The participation and support of parents in music education is critical. Parents who are involved in their young children’s lesson and practice times find that their children continue in music lessons longer and more successfully. Music education goes far beyond a classroom or lesson. Playing music at home, singing, listening to music at home, going to all types of concerts, dancing, and simply being open to creative arts helps everyone develop musically while also maintaining emotional health. 

Young children (roughly age 11 and below) still need help from parents with: setting up a welcoming practice space; setting aside consistent practice times at home; being reminded to listen to, sing with, and play music; being encouraged to keep trying when things are hard; making sure all materials are available for practice time at home and gathered up to take to lessons; reviewing weekly lesson notes and setting reminders to practice; keeping practice space and time free of clutter, siblings, and interruptions; and communicating with the teacher as questions or problems arise.

Older students and teens still need encouragement and praise especially when it comes to sharing the music they are working on or praising their growing skills. Older students may need friendly reminders about practice or help setting up their own practice schedule. They may also need your perspective to help them remember how good they really are! And most teens just need a little help keeping track of things from time to time. 

Learning and Succeeding!


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